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1.Low Dropout Regulating circuit: 
Siproin microelectronics can provide a very complete series of low voltage dropout linear regulator, it usually has a small power consumption, very low noise and high power suppression ratio.It is mainly used in data acquisition, battery power supply, handheld instrument, power management of embedded system, industrial control, portable medical equipment, embedded system requiring multi-channel power supply, etc.
No. Model Max output current Absolute Voltage Max input voltage Feature Accuracy Quiescent current Package/span> Output Voltage Compatibility
1 H71XX-1 100mA 18V 15V LP ±2% 2.5uA SOT23 SOT89 SOT23-3 TO92 2.1V∽5.0V HT71XX
2 H72XX-1 400mA 18V 15V LP
Large current
±2% 1.5uA SOT23-3 SOT89 SOT23-5  1.5V∽5.0V HT72XX
3 H73XX-A 250mA 18V 15V LP ±2% 2uA SOT23 SOT89 SOT23-3 TO92 1.5V∽5.0V HT73XX
4 H75XX-1 150mA 18V 15V LP ±2% 2uA SOT23 SOT89 SOT23-3 OT92 1.5V∽5.0V HT75XX
5 H75XX-2 200mA 30V 35V LP ±2% 2uA  SOT89 SOT23-3 3.0V∽5.0V HT75XX-2/-3
6 H75XX-H# 100mA 45V 40V LP ±2%/±1% 3.5uA SOT89  SOT23-3 TO92 1.8V∽5.0V HT75XX-2/-3
7 H7605 300mA 8V 6V ULP ±2% 1.5uA SOT23 SOT23-3 1.2V∽5.0V  
8 H7606 300mA 8V 6V LP ±2% 3.0uA SOT23 SOT23-3 SOT89 1.2V∽5.0V  
9 H7650 750mA 9V 8V High PSRR ±2% 25uA SOT89  SOT223 SOT23-5 1.2V∽5.0V XC6210/XC6222
10 H7651 1A 9V 8V LP 
Large current
±2% 2uA    SOT89 SOT23-3 TO220 1.2V∽5.0V XC6220/XC6210
11 H78XX-1 500mA 18V 15V Large current ±2% 1.5uA SOT89  SOT23-3 1.8V∽5.0V HT78XX
12 H7210 500mA 8V 6V Enable Shutdown ±2% 15uA SOT23-5 1.2V∽5.0V RT9013
13 H7211 300mA 7V 6V High PSRR 
±2% 30uA SOT23-5 1.2V∽5.0V XC6211
14 H7211A 400mA 8V 7V High PSRR ±2% 40uA              SOT23-5 1.2V∽5.0V  
15 SSP7615 400mA 8V 7V ULP ±2% 0.5uA              SOT23-5 DFN1*1-4 1.2V∽5.0V XC6214/XC6215
16 SSP7603 500mA 18V 15V LP 
Large current
±2% 1.5uA SOT23-3 SOT89 SOT23-5  1.5V∽5.0V  
17 SSP7604 500mA 18V 15V LP 
Large current
±2% 1.5uA SOT223 TO252 1.5V∽5.0V  
18 SSP9193 400mA 8V 7V High PSRR ±2% 25uA SOT23-5 1.2V∽5.0V RT9193
19 SSP7212-ADJ 300mA 8V 7V Superspeed
Low noise
±2% 30uA SOT23-5 ADJ  
20 SSP6201 250mA 15V 12V LP ±2% 2uA SOT23-3  SOT89 3.0V∽5.0V XC6201
21 SSP6202 150mA 18V 15V LP ±2% 2uA SOT23-3  SOT89 3.0V∽5.0V XC6202
22 SSP6206 300mA 8V 6V LP ±2% 3uA SOT23  SOT23-3  SOT89 1.2V∽5.0V XC6206
23 SSP62FJ 350mA 12V 10V LP ±2% 2uA SOT89 1.5V∽5.0V XC62FP/XCFJ
24 SSP6219 300mA 8V 7V Superspeed
Low noise
±2% 30uA SOT23-5 1.2V∽5.0V XC6219
25 78L05 100mA 30V 28V Bipolar ±5% 1mA SOT89 5V 78L05
26 SSP78M05 1A  35V 32V Bipolar ±5% 1.5mA TO252 5V 78M05
27 SSP7805 1.5A  35V 32V Bipolar ±5% 1.5mA TO220 5V 7805
28 SSP7785 10mA 450V 260V DC450V AC85~260V ±2% 10uA ESOP8 2.7/3.3/5.0 NCP785
29 SSP7786 10mA 450V 260V Two Channel output ±2% 20uA SOP8/DIP8 5V-3.3V/3.3V-2.178V/2.7V-1.782V  
30 SSP7786A 30mA 450V 260V Wide input voltage ±2% 20uA SOP8/DIP8 2.7/3.3/5.0 KP3310
31 SSP7901 300mA 45V 40V LP ±2% 1.6uA SOT89 2.5V~12V  
32 SSP7903 1A 45V 40V LP 
Large current
±2% 1.6uA SOT89 SOT223 TO252 2.5V~12V  
33 SSP7935 200mA 35V 30V LP ±2% 1.6uA SOT23-3 SOT89 SOT23-5 2.5V~5.0V  
34 SSP7985 150mA 80V 60V Absolute Voltage
±2% 2uA SOT23-3 SOT89 SOT23-5 2.5V~5.0V  
35 SSP1117 1A 20V 15V Bipolar ±2% 2mA SOT223  TO252 SOT89 1.2/1.5/1.8/2.5/3.3/5/ADJ  
36 SSP1084 3A 18V 12V Bipolar ±2% 8mA TO252 TO263 TO220 1.5/2.5/2.85/3.0/3.3/5/ADJ  


  • Battery power supply products: consumer toys, intelligent toys, LED flashlight, etc
  • Alarm, intelligent security alarm products: consumption security, all kinds of alarm and etc
  • Portable medical products: blood pressure monitor, medical equipment, medical electronics, etc
  • Weighing apparatus products: electronic scale, body scale, fat scale, etc
  • Instrument and meter, water meter, electric meter, gas meter, meter, etc
  • Handheld devices and tools, electric tools and automotive vehicle electronics
  • Control panel: household appliances, communication control panel;The front end of the MCU power supply 
  • Digital products: TV, set-top boxes, video card, etc

2.Switch DC/DC circuit:     Go>>TOP
DC/DC Series circuit of Siproin microelectronics includes buck DC/DC, booster DC/DC and buck/booster DC/DC. According to different input and output voltage range, driving current and modulation frequency, the product series is constantly expanding, aiming to provide customers with more and more demanding solutions.
No. Model Output Current/span> Input range Output range Feature Feq.(HZ Quiescent current Package Efficiency
1 SSP8099 300mA 0.9V-5.2V 2.5V-5.5V Synchronous Booster 1.2M 1uA TDFN-2*2-6AL 93%
2 H8116 500mA 0.8V-6V 2V-6V Built-in MOS Synchronous Booster 300K 15uA SOT23  TO92 95%
3 H8118 800mA 0.8V-6V 2V-6V Built-in MOS Synchronous Booster 300K 15uA SOT89   SOT23-5 95%
4 SSP8613 500mA 0.9V-10V 1.23V-34V Sigle cell Booster 1.4M 3mA <1uA(shut) SOT23-6 95%
5 SSP8710 2A 2V-24V 28V Large current Booster 1.2M 200uA SOT23-6 >90%
6 H9008 1.5A 2.5V-6V ADJ Synchronous Buck 1.5M 40uA SOT23-5 95%
7 H9108 2A 3.6V-16V ADJ Synchronous Buck< 600K 400uA SOT23-6 95%
8 SSP9810 1.2A 4V-30V ADJ Synchronous Buck< 1.4M 400uA SOT23-6 95%
9 SSP9820 2A 4.5V-30V ADJ Synchronous Buck< 500K 600uA SOT23-6 93%
10 SSP9451 600mA 4.2V-40V ADJ Built-in MOS Synchronous Buck< 1.8MHz

<0.23mA (shut)

SOT23-6 >90%
11 SSP9459 500mA 4.5V-60V ADJ Built-in MOS Synchronous Buck< 480KHz <0.7mA (shut) SOT23-6 >90%
12 SSP9461 1.2A 4.5V-60V ADJ Built-in MOS Synchronous Buck< 480KHz <0.7mA (shut) SOP8 >90%
13 SSP9938 500mA 20V-150V 12V/15V/18V 150V PWM Control 60K 300uA SOP8 >90%


  • Bluetooth devices and wireless products, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard
  • All of the single and double lithium batteries lithium applications
  • Car charger, emergency charger
  • Battery power supply products: consumer toys, LED flashlight, hand-held devices and power tools, etc
  • Smart meter
  • Security alarm products: fire alarm, intelligent security, intelligent household, and all kinds of alarm, etc

3.Voltage detection or RESET circuit:      Go>>TOP
Siproin microelectronics provides low power consumption low voltage detection chip, there are CMOS output and NMOS leakage output two forms.It is mainly used in battery detector, level selector, power fault detector, microcomputer reset, battery storage backup, non-volatile RAM signal storage protection and other occasions.
No. Model Absolute Voltage Max input voltage Quiescent current Output model Acurracy Hysteresis voltage Package Detect voltage range Compatibility
1 H70XXA-1 12V 8V 2uA NMOS,CMOS ±2% 4% SOT23 SOT23-3 SOT89 1.0V∽7.0V HT70XX
2 SSP61CCXX 10V 8V 2uA CMOS ±2% 4% SOT23-3   SOT89 1.0V∽5.0V XC61C
3 SSP61CNXX 10V 8V 2uA NMOS ±2% 5% SOT23-3   SOT89 1.0V∽5.0V XC61C
4 SSP809 10V 8V 2uA NMOS和CMOS ±2%   SOT23-3   SOT23 1.0V∽5.0V MAX809 IMP809


  • Battery detecter
  • Level selector class products
  • Power failure detector
  • Micro computer reset
  • Battery storage backup
  • Nonvolatile RAM memory protection