• Won the award of "Specialized, Refined and Innovative" Enterprise of Shanghai in 2022
  • It was awarded as the Little Giant Technology Enterprise of Shanghai Yangpu District in 2022
  • Awarded as Wuxi 2022 annual "Taihu Talent Plan" science and technology Leading talent project
  • Won the "2021-2022 China Semiconductor Market Most Growth Enterprise Award"
  • Won the 2021 "Feifeng Talent Plan" innovation and entrepreneurship project of Wuxi Xinwu District Leading Talents in science and Technology

Certificate of high tech enterprise:

The company passed GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification:

Siproin has dozens of invention patents, utility model patents, integrated circuit layout patents, software Copyrights, works Copyrights, trademarks.

Energy efficiency management:
2023102460371 An integrated energy management method based on the integration of building and communication base station energy
202310246104X A multi-user power line communication method based on optimal Bayes algorithm
2023204918322 A Turbo encoder for multi-user power line communication
ZL 202211592896.8 Large-scale building Energy consumption prediction method based on horizontal Federated learning
ZL 202211500371.7 A Software Measurement Method for Power Line Communication Based on Optimal Bayes algorithm
ZL 201920216986.4 Lithium primary battery capacity monitoring circuit
ZL 201910126929.1 A circuit structure that monitors the capacity of lithium disposable batteries
ZL 201910126946.5 Lithium primary battery capacity monitoring method
ZL 202110441076.8 The utility model relates to a multi-lithium primary battery serial connection protection circuit to prevent overdischarge
ZL 202120845531.6 A series of battery overdischarge protection system
BS.225581086 SSP5501 PLCIOT special circuit
BS.195593693 with display lithium primary battery capacity metering SSP1838
BS.195593707 Lithium primary battery capacity calibration free metering SSP1841
Analog circuit:
ZL 202110923443.8 A method for detecting capacitive sensors
ZL 202121881499.3 A detecting circuit for a capacitive sensor
BS.195581571 H bridge drive circuit SSP001
BS.195591356 bidirectional relay drive circuit SSP1006
BS.195610458 High precision operational amplifier SSP1009
BS.195610474 Power Energy Efficiency management SSP1837
BS.195610393 low power computing circuit SSP2001
BS.195591291 bus transceiver SSP5004A
BS.19559133X bus transceiver SSP5005
BS.215553489 SSP456 LCD driver circuit
BS.215577914 SSP0310 Intelligent Circuit breaker driver circuit
BS.215578112 SSP58XX digital isolator special circuit

Memory related:
ZL 202121898950.2 An application circuit for magnetic storage on a pulse metering module
BS.215553004 SSP360 storage port circuit
BS.21555342X SSP416 digital transmission coding circuit
BS.215553454 SSP417 digital receiving coding circuit
BS.215553497 SSP420 new memory control circuit
BS.215578082 SSP361 memory read-write circuit
BS.215578090 SSP362 memory communication circuit

BS.195591763 Low Power linear regulator SSP1007
BS.195610318 High voltage switching power supply conversion circuit SSP1008
BS.205564208 SSP0210 High voltage low power LDO
BS.205564321 SSP0211 High voltage low power and high current LDO
BS.215578120 SSP90XX PLC special PMIC circuit
BS.215578104 SSP96XX TWS special PMIC circuit
BS.215684532 SSP0216 High voltage DC/DC Buck circuit

Other Software Copyright:
2019SR1448463 Siproin Micro drive circuit test platform
2019SR1445191 Siproin Micro wired communication test platform
2019SR1448461 Siproin Micro wireless communication test platform
2019SR0990808 Siproin Micro industrial metering series circuit test software
2019SR0990838 Siproin Micro power management series circuit test software
2019SR0990818 Siproin Microi SOC series circuit test software
2020SR1200770 Siproin Micro DSP-A0 simulation debugging software
2020SR1202337 Siproin Micro MRAM test debugging software
2021SR0941786 Siproin Micro no magnetic water meter production debugging software
2021SR0941419 Siproin Micro ultrasonic water meter production debugging software
2021SR0939653 Siproin Micro light level electric direct reading water meter production debugging software
2021SR0941731 Siproin Micro no magnetic water meter SOC embedded software
2021SR0941418 Siproin Micro ultrasonic water meter SOC embedded software
2021SR0939652 Siproin Micro light level electric direct reading water meter SOC embedded software
2021SR0941420 Siproin Micro single phase smart meter SOC embedded software
2021SR0940217 Siproin Micro three-phase smart meter SOC embedded software
2021SR0937072 Siproin Micro data concentrator SOC embedded software
2021SR0939651 Siproin Micro industrial meter SOC embedded software