Siproin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a professional "Fabless" company engaged in integrated circuit development and system level solutions.  The company's main products include power management, Asic for IoT, Industrial processor, NVM and corresponding solutions.
      Headquartered in Shanghai, And with subsidiaries and branches in Wuxi and Shenzhen respectively, Siproin has been persistently focusing on the improvement of technology, team building, management improvement, market development and operation mode innovation.
      The company in the spirit of leading technology, quality, service in place, the principle of rapid response and customers sincere cooperation, common development.With technology as the core and sales as the orientation, the company will transform its human resources into its competitive advantages, bring the largest profits to its partners, employees and shareholders, and return to the society.

      The company has two doctors and a number of master's degree or above professionals, and the United States has many years of silicon Valley experienced experts as long-term technical consultants.
      Dr. Zhu Xiaoming, chief scientist of the company, was selected into the national Talent Project in 2009 and served as CTO in a world-renowned company.The cooperation with domestic and foreign IC professional institutions, universities and research institutes enables the company to continuously obtain solid technical support and sufficient talent reserve.
      At the same time, the main initiators of the company are all from world-renowned semiconductor enterprises, with rich experience in product and market operation. They have presided over and successfully completed many national major projects of chip design.

      Corporate culture:
      integrity, unity, exploration, persistence