Analog IC design supervisor engineer

Job Description:
-Participate in the performance index definition and overall planning of digital-analog hybrid SOC chip based on the scene requirements; responsible for the integrated circuit design and verification of the chip; responsible for the layout of the whole chip layout and guide the layout engineer for the layout;
-Design or import and integrate corresponding IP according to SOC index definition, and cooperate with and guide layout engineer to complete layout and wiring;
- Participate in or be responsible for the necessary process for the integration of analog RF IP and digital modules, participate in the digital-analog hybrid process.
Job Requirements:
- Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, computer, communication, master degree or doctor degree preferred;
- At least 5 years of CMOS analog mixed signal IC design experience;
-Proficient in using the corresponding simulation, verification and layout CAD software, such as Cadence;
- Familiar with analog circuit design process;
- Proficient in reading technical documents and professional literature in English;
- Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.
Salary: negotiable;
Working place: Shanghai, Wuxi

Test/Application engineer

Job Description:
-Participate in technical evaluation, hardware design, device selection, PCB layout, single board hardware debugging and customer coordination of customer projects.
- Responsible for routine performance and functional testing of modules and systems.
- Perform performance debugging according to customer requirements.
-Responsible for writing product design documents and writing user manuals.
- Responsible for PCB board and SMT tracking.
- Responsible for tracking and solving mass production problems of customers.
Job Requirements:
- Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years relevant working experience in electronics, communication and other related industries.
- Proficient in using Protel, Candence, Allegro and other software for schematic design and PCB layout.
- Familiar with basic equipment, such as oscilloscope, logic analyzer, etc.
- Familiar with ARM series MCU.Proficient in analog circuit, digital circuit design, familiar with EMC knowledge.Ability to analyze and solve circuit problems.
-Rich experience in product design, able to independently design hardware products, strong awareness of product verification.
- Self-motivated and team player.
Salary: negotiable;
Working place: Wuxi

Full custom layout engineer

Job Description:
-Digital-analog mixed signal layout fully customized drawing, and all kinds of verification of layout, used for post-imitation parasitic parameter extraction;
- Work with circuit design engineer to optimize layout based on post simulation results.
Job Requirements:
- Bachelor degree or above in IC related major, 2-3 years working experience in custom layout;
- Understand the basics of digital-analog hybrid layout, such as matching, ESD, Latch-up, and antenna effects;
- Proficient in using Cadence related layout tools;
-Familiar with Linux system and basic commands;
- Good team player, good English reading, writing and speaking skills.
Salary: negotiable;
Working place: Shanghai, Wuxi

Sales engineer

Job Requirements:
- Regardless of gender, 20-35 years old, college degree or above, moral integrity, good at communication, hard-working, strong sense of responsibility;
- Have certain knowledge of electronic circuit;
- Sales experience in meter industry, especially electricity meter, water meter and gas meter industry is preferred.
Job Description:
-Engaged in sales and promotion of integrated circuits, Internet of Things solutions and modules, improving market share, and corresponding after-sales service.
Working place: Shenzhen, Wuxi
Salary: basic salary + commission, negotiable;

Pre-sales Engineer of Internet of Things market (3-5)

1. Cooperate with sales staff to complete technical communication with users, technical scheme publicity, technical training and other work.
2. Communicated with users, especially users' technical developers, collected project requirements, completed demand analysis, and formed application solutions.
3. Prepared publicity materials for the company's related products in the Internet of Things industry solutions.
4. Collect all kinds of data related to the market, products, customers and competitors, and manage these data effectively.
5. Assisted and guided the Marketing Department and sales department to complete the formulation and implementation of marketing strategies and sales plans.
6. Establish a relationship of mutual trust with users and maintain good customer relations.
Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in electronics, automation, computer related, electronic system and solution development industry background, have certain knowledge reserve in PCB, C language, 51 MCU, Arm MCU development and other aspects.
2. Excellent oral presentation, program writing and interpersonal communication skills.
3. Have certain travel needs;
4. Familiar with demand research methods, strong ability of business process and business model analysis and design.
5. Have the ability to refine thinking and solve complex problems, have a strong sense of responsibility and can work under great pressure.
6. Proficient in Word, Excel, Visio, Powerpoint and other relevant office software.
7, experience in the following areas is a plus: intelligent water/electricity/gas/heat energy table development, intelligent parking, intelligent security, intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation (ETC electronic tag), active RFID, communications, navigation, GPS + GSM), intelligent, gas table (AMR/AMI), sea rescue, field data transmission, container transport intelligent logistics, customs, UPS backup power supply, car lock ecall livestock farming, urban agriculture, wisdom, intelligence, ETC.
Working place: Shenzhen, Wuxi

Internet of Things Application Solution Engineer (5-10)

1. Developed products based on single-chip microcomputer and ARM platform according to the company's market demand;
2. Independently completed requirement analysis, programming, debugging and testing;
3. Solve the technical problems of the company's products in the application of solutions;
4. The development scheme of the Internet of Things may involve power supply scheme, positioning, sensors, narrowband WIDE area network communication and other technologies.
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics, automatic control, computer related;
2. Proficient in at least one embedded MCU, proficient in ARM Coretex series of core programming;
3. Proficient in C programming, proficient in using Keil, GCC and other development tools;
4. Able to read English documents;
5. Able to work independently, with more than 3 years (including 3 years) of relevant working experience;
6. Rigorous, meticulous and responsible;Diligence and sureness;Good at thinking, time sense, strong independence, team work ability
7. Experience in developing Internet of Things based on NARROWband WIDE Area network communication is preferred.
Working place: Shenzhen, Wuxi

Other Instructions:

The above posts are covered by social insurance in accordance with the regulations of the workplace. Fresh graduates from other places can help solve the accommodation problem.